Jerusalem in my thoughts

Jerusalem in my thoughts

There is something special about touching old stone structures. I feel their textures and think of the ancient hands that shaped and placed them there. Walking around Jerusalem, where there are no shortage of building stones from bygone days, thoughts swirl and a little imagination turns my head to poetry.

“If I forget thee” was our motto,
For many years words of sorrow.
Now shining golden and full of life,
Jerusalem moments, pleasure and strife.
Her every sight, gladness and delight
Beautiful arches and stones declare her might.
The people’s joy and sighs reverberate,
A million reasons for which we celebrate.
Our beautiful city, may it never be split apart
It is our joy, our strength, our heart.

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Strolling with toddlers

Strolling with toddlers

When three generations stroll together through the Old City, most of the time is spent trying to NOT have the toddler touch every bright and shiny object.

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The untouchable wall

In 1965, the closest Jews could get to the Old City was from a vantage point at the Notre Dame Cathedral. It was possible to take a photo from across No Man’s Land, and the Dome of Rock (before it was painted gold) and the rubble along the outside wall were visible.

The Western Wall, however, was only a fantasized image.

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Touching the surface

Touching the surface

A crowd gathered in front of the kotel this morning

like a peaceful protest.

God hurled a canister of tear gas at them

but the weeping wailing women did not disperse.

I watched a woman with closed eyes

and open hands

brush her fingers over the ancient stone

as if God were braille

as if you could read him just by touching the surface

But we

had never meant to go blind

on purpose.

(Image by Ohayon Avi, via the Government Press Office.)
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