Jerusalem Stone

Jerusalem Stone

God pulsed beneath my fingertips

I loved not His city, but His stones

Cool marble pressed against my forehead

The ancient past rose up to greet me

Silken stones against my cheek

My hands held the memory of a House

Remembered the stories, smelled the smoke,

Heard the baying horn, saw the teeming crowds

I stroked my child’s cheek tonight

He slept beneath my tears. In his skin

I felt the ancient stones once more

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What we found when we crawled under Jerusalem

What we found when we crawled under Jerusalem

On the night of Tisha B’Av (the ninth of Av, date of the destruction of  Temple), I set out with my son Barkai to explore a tunnel that had been excavated in the 19th century by the British archaeologists Bliss and Dickie, intending to explore its entire length.

After a long and arduous crawl, some of which I had to do on my side for lack of space, my son, who was crawling ahead of me, said that he saw a pit in front of us. After he descended into the pit, I followed him. To our amazement, we discovered that we were in the channel that drained water from Jerusalem at the end of the Second Temple period. Most of the channel was blocked with debris and dirt that had accumulated during 2,000 years of destruction. At the point where we stood, however, it was possible to enter the channel.

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