Jaffa Gate

Where encounters create beauty

When a chance encounter creates a unique experience…

The musician who chose this spot for her harp, the Ultra Orthodox guy who was moved by her music and joined her with an Yiddish song, the Arab juice-seller who set down his merchandise and applauded them at the end of the song, and everyone who happened to be there in that moment, and chose to listen.

And us, too.

One unique moment of togetherness.

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Why George didn’t stand for the siren

Why George didn’t stand for the siren

One of the most important days In Israel is today: Yom HaShoah. The day we commemorate the Holocaust.

And one of the most terrible sounds in the whole world is the siren on Yom HaShoah. It’s the sound of every mother and daughter and father and son, every sister and brother and lover and friend screaming from that miserable maw of humanity, that sound mixed down into one keening wail.

But one of the most moving sites in the whole world is what happens in Israel during the siren on Yom HaShoah. The entire country grinds to a halt.

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Easter at Jaffa Gate

Easter buns and fresh bread sold on Passover/Easter by the Old City.

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A royal sanctuary

A royal sanctuary

The Jerusalem Marathon. At the starting line in Sacher Park, there is an atmosphere of a public holiday, free and invigorating. Beautiful people, who relate to each other with grace and acceptance; the classic middle class that has discovered the magic of the culture of leisure. We set off and run along the most typical Jerusalem streets of all—Bezalel, King George, Jaffa.

Lots of positive energy is flowing to the pack of runners from the cheering crowd lining the sidewalks. Then the route passes through Mamilla and enters the Jaffa Gate. All at once, deep in our bones, we feel the transition to a different geographic space. Here, inside the ancient walls of the city, another sort of energy throbs and pulsates. Centuries of life have given the Old City not only the splendor of antiquity, but also the sense of awe. A royal sanctuary.

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Jerusalem’s children

Arab and Jewish children in the Old City.

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