Where even the dogs celebrate

Silwani was found in a trashcan in the Arab village of Silwan. Now he is a proud Yerushalmi and a Zionist to boot!

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Flagging Memories: From Respect to Revelry

Flagging Memories: From Respect to Revelry

When I was a little girl growing up in the United States, American flags would be displayed proudly on Flag Day and Independence Day. Older people even had them flying on their homes on Memorial Day and Veterans’ Day. And, of course, there were people who flew the American flag all the time — some taking it down at night, and all being reverently careful to keep the flag from touching the ground.

Times changed. Fewer homes flew flags. Fewer people knew it was Flag Day or Memorial Day. It was hard to completely forget Veterans’ Day, because invariably there would be some old fellow with watery eyes shining with an old doughboy toughness from beneath his military cap, his jacket covered with medals of heroic campaigns forgotten. Red poppies used to be given out by the veterans, and flags were posted at the graves of war dead. Veterans’ Day was in November, Memorial Day was in May. The seemingly unrelated Fourth of July was easy to remember, because it was a day of sales and fireworks and barbecues with the neighbors. There might still even be parades…

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