The last night of Hannukah

Nachlaot at dusk

‚ÄčEvery Hannukah I head off with my camera to the (almost) all-pedestrian neighborhoods of Nachlaot and Zichron Moshe to take in the beautiful sight of the dozens of chanukiot shining with light outside fancy, remodeled, single-family homes, mostly owned by English-speakers, and the modest hovels nearby, occupied largely by Haredi families and yeshiva students.

‚ÄčLast year I waited until the final day of the holiday–a crisp, clear evening–and here are some of the results:

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From war to light

One of those photos that I can’t even believe I took…

It was an incredible moment to capture. Photographed during a Chanukah candle-lighting ceremony on an army base on the outskirts of Jerusalem. The menorah was made out of the remains of Hamas rockets that exploded in Israel, and were turned into a beautiful work of art. The blessings were made by an IDF officer, and the little wicks were lit while dozens of soldiers stood at attention.

And there, in the crystal clear glass of the oil cups, is the inverted reflection of all of those soldiers…

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