Jerusalem Vibes


(Recorded at Jerusalem’s Central bus Station)

Eclectic Jerusalem – an apt description for a city that is the focus of the world’s attention. Before I visited Jerusalem for the first time, I had an image in my mind of camels, turban-wearing men, rocky paths, and ancient walls. Of course, you can find these in Jerusalem but it is so much more. From pedestrian streets and alleyways filled with cafes, restaurants, souvenir shops and the famous shuk to world class museums, beautiful parks, vast religious expression, arts, theatre, dance – Jerusalem has it all.

One of my favorite things to do in Jerusalem is simply people watching. Entertainment abounds and you can always find something to make you smile — from a magician at the Central Bus Station, to a myriad of musicians, Breslov Chassidim dancing at Zion Square at Ben Yehuda or 3D sidewalk art. I am always amazed at the freedom people feel to express themselves here in Jerusalem. What a city!

Emunah Murray

Posted by Emunah Murray

Emunah Murray, originally from Columbus, Ohio made Aliyah in August, 2016. She lives in Gush Etzion, where she keep busy with frequent trips to Jerusalem as well as exploring the entire country. She is a blogger, transcriber, author, and most of all, passionate and grateful to live in this most precious land. She made six trips to Israel before making Israel her home on the seventh trip. You can follow her Aliyah journey at:

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