Paying it forward

I’m walking on Emek Refaim, and this gaggle of middle school girls stops me. They are holding chocolate chip cookies and cupcakes. Immediately, before I can say anything, they say “these are not for sale!”. (Me? I’m disappointed. They look delish!).

But, then….this happened: they explain to me that they are from Hartman Girls School and are giving out, for free*, cookies and cupcakes in honor of Gilad Shaer’s birthday and in his memory – Gilad, as you might recall, was one of the 3 israeli teens kidnapped in june 2014 and then slaughtered by the terrorists.

The note in the attached picture says “The world is built through kindness” and it is from “Gilad’s Kitchen” and explains what I mentioned above.

*Now, the deal was….it’s not really free. The price for the goodies is that you need to do an extra mitzvah, hessed, good deed, kindness, today, for Gilad.

And so….my 13 year old daughter and I headed to the Kotel for a swearing in ceremony for the Caracal Battalion of the IDF. One of the new soldiers is a lone soldier (no family in israel) – We treated some soldiers to dinner, as our mitzvah.

Neezkeh L’mitzvot! May we be privileged to do lots and lots of kindnesses in our lifetime!

Arnie Draiman

Posted by Arnie Draiman

Arnie Draiman is a Philanthropic Consultant, who represents foundations and philanthropists from around the world, guiding them in giving out their Tzedakah funds in Israel. In addition, he is an expert in web-mastering for non-profits and small business. You can follow his work via his site.

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