Tzedakah in our times

I’m walking up the street and I overhear the guy next to me on his cell phone telling someone that there is a family in need to whom he just brought them a second-hand fridge and other furniture.

He tells the person on the phone that only thing left now is to get them food for Passover. After a few seconds, he says that scrip (food vouchers or those supermarket gift cards) would be better than giving them cash. I reach into my pocket and take out 4 cards of 100NIS each and hand them to him.

He goes into shock as he tells the person on the phone what just happened. After a few minutes, he tells the person that that’s it. done.

#tzedakahinourtimes #realstreetsofjerusalem #neezkehlmitzvot #chagsameach (gift cards courtesy of Ziv Tzedakah Foundation, Canada – danny siegel’s canadian tzedakah fund)

Arnie Draiman

Posted by Arnie Draiman

Arnie Draiman is a Philanthropic Consultant, who represents foundations and philanthropists from around the world, guiding them in giving out their Tzedakah funds in Israel. In addition, he is an expert in web-mastering for non-profits and small business. You can follow his work via his site.

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