Jerusalem the functional

Running the 21 km on Friday during the Jerusalem Marathon, as we passed the Khan theatre, there was a woman in a pinkish reddish hijab and flowing robes cheering us on — while photographing (or filming) all the runners with her iPhone. The mix of old-and-new, and this obviously traditional Muslim Arab just delighting in the simple human effort of facing physical challenges, transcended politics. It represented the Jerusalem the functional we rarely read about in the headlines and was for me a highlight of my race (beyond finishing the darned thing!). A great — and true – Jerusalem moment.

Gil Troy

Posted by Gil Troy

McGill history professor Gil Troy - a passionate moderate, author of Why I Am A Zionist and most recently published The Age of Clinton: America in the 1990s - looks at the American presidency, American history, Zionism, Judaism and Israel today. He is a visiting professor at IDC Herzliya and at Haifa University’s Ruderman Program for American Jewish Studies and the State of Israel. You can follow him on twitter and via his personal site.

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