From the mouth of babes

Erev Yom Yerushalayim.

I walk an hour from work to pick up my two year old from daycare, still no buses even though Trump is already in the air. The frustration of a city stuck begins to give way to an air of celebration.

At home, my four year old daughter and her friend sit on the floor, coloring and sticking stickers. She tells her friend that the gold stickers are “כמו ירושלים של זהב,” and the two of them burst into song:

ירושלים של זהב
ושל נחושת ושל אור
הלא לכל שירייך
אני כינור

And I marvel at the fact that I am raising a Yerushalmit, born in the City of God, the City of Gold. She sings so beautifully, pronouncing every word carefully. This city is her birthright, it’s her daily life, her walk to gan, her heritage.

I’m struck by how normal this is, and how just 50 years ago, it wasn’t.

(Image by Amos Ben Gershom, via the Government Press Office)

Arielle Socolof Avraham

Posted by Arielle Socolof Avraham

Arielle Socolof Avraham has been living and working in Jerusalem for the past almost 7 years in all kinds of roles, mostly writing. Her husband and both of her children were born here, though sheI hails originally from Ann Arbor, Michigan. The line between her Midwestern and Yerushalmi identities gets blurrier every year.

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