The Jewish Spring, Jerusalem Style

Ask a Jew when the highest stress time on the Jewish calendar is, and the answer undoubtedly will be Passover . Add to the spring frenzy of house-cleaning and changing kitchenware, grocery orders, and extra preparations, and throw in the unusual wrench of a rare U.S. Presidential visit to Jerusalem in the days before the chag (holiday), and you have a recipe for city-wide High Anxiety of Olympic proportions. These preparations are replicated by the observant all over the world, but somehow the concentration seems heightened in Jerusalem.

But behind the high profile scenes, life for the residents of Jerusalem went on, despite traffic snarls, people unable to reach their homes even sometimes by foot, grocers, purveyors and caterers unable to deliver their orders to their customers in the days so close to the start of the holiday and other aggravations that were a backdrop to the holiday lead-in. Actually, I decided to be totally zen with the visit, thinking of it as a snow day, Jerusalem style: one day off for the rumor of snow, one day for the 3 inch accumulation, and one day off for potential icy streets, resulting in a 3 day holiday when no one is expected to show up for anything, but without the freezing temperatures. So, thank you President Obama for the mini-holiday.

(This piece was excerpted with permission from a longer essay which was published by The Times of Israel in 2013. The picture is “Almonds and Strawberries” c. 2013 by Heddy Abramowitz)

Heddy Abramovitz

Posted by Heddy Abramovitz

Heddy Abramowitz is an exhibiting artist and photographer living and working in Jerusalem since her aliya over 3 decades ago. Born in Brooklyn, NY, to Holocaust survivors, and raised in the southern Maryland suburbs of Washington, D.C., she is a recovering lawyer. Her studio is in picturesque Nachlaot. She has served on the boards of The Jerusalem Artists House and Studio of Her Own. She blogs about culture and her perspective of life in the holiest of cities at Golden Ochre: Art and Jerusalem and Times of Israel . See also

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