Who says cats are practical?

One of the delightful things about my early morning sojourn to my ulpan class in Jerusalem used to be the stroll down Emek Refaim Street.  You never know what you’ll see in Jerusalem, and with its college-town feel, Emek Refaim is a particularly interesting street.  One morning, the cats were all lined up for their appointments at the local veterinary clinic.

Or so I thought.

I observed in sociological fascination to learn that Israeli cats wait in line much as Israeli people do.  (“Are you before me?  Who is after you?”  “I’m after him, and her, and before you.  Watch out for the big one.  He always slips in at the last moment, claiming he’s in pain and can’t speak Hebrew.”)

Ruti Eastman

Posted by Ruti Eastman

Ruti Eastman fell in love with Israel on her first visit, but had to wait 16 years to make aliyah in 2007. She writes about her adventures in Israel, as well as about the family history she wants to capture for her children. She has worked variously as an editor, teacher, artist, radio disc jockey, US army soldier; but her favorite job description is "raises crops of boys." Ruti writes at "Never Ruthless" and her book of collected essays is due out in 2017.

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