Of mold and snow

When we discovered that our second-hand washing machine had mold in the interior, we didn’t want to keep it next to our beds (the only place to hook it up inside the apartment.) Because we lived in a ground-floor apartment though, we were able to hook it up outside where we used it happily for four years.

Here it is in the winter of 2013, during one of the biggest snowstorms we ever had in that apartment. Somehow, seeing that snow piled on top of our old washing machine captures for me some of the combined feelings of captivation and constraint that we live with in Jerusalem. Rejoicing in the simple things — like a few inches of snow — while simultaneously coping with compromised living standards that often border on the hilarious to a Westerner. Oh Jerusalem!

Emunah Fialkoff

Posted by Emunah Fialkoff

Emunah Fialkoff is an ex-Jerusalemite, who spends her days longing wistfully for Israel while suffering through life in Venice, California. Well -- maybe not quite. But she does miss many things about her past Jerusalem life and looks forward to coming back one day. Emunah has worked as a writer, both freelance and in-office, and now trains other people to write and communicate better through her work at WorkTalk.

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