The musical cabbie

“What were you before you were a cab driver?”

He had a Russia accent and anyway, I keep meeting older cab drivers in Jerusalem who were something else before.

“Well, since coming to Israel, I’ve only been a cab driver. But in Russia I was a musician. I play the piano. But I knew before immigrating that I wouldn’t find work in that. It was really sad for me but I knew I needed to come here for my family, my kids…”

“You know, you’re the generation paying for the move but your kids and grandkids get to reap the benefits.” I say this from experience. My parents moved here from Canada when we were kids and my sisters’ kids are Sabras and have none of the issues we have.

I also shared with him that I’m a fellow pianist, like himself. Actually, I also started playing in the “old country.” We moved to Israel and I had to stop for two years until we brought the piano over in a lift. I was able to continue studying piano through high school, and I even did a bagrut (matriculation) in piano and music theory.

He went on to explain how he inserts some music into his life these days.

“For all the music I learned how to play in Russia – Bach, Mozart, Beethoven – the only music I can play after all these years is jazz improvisation. That’s music you can just sit down and play. You don’t have to remember anything.”

“Really? Maybe I didn’t learn it well enough but I’ve never succeeded in improvising.”

“Well you should try. I’ve been at events with friends where I sit down to play the piano and everyone goes, ‘Wow! You’re amazing! Why are you a cab driver?’ Anyway, you should try it. Oh, and my daughter is a violinist. In Israel.”

And then we got to my destination, we said good night and I got out of his cab thinking, “I’d love to hear him play jazz one day and his daughter play violin.”

Deena Levenstein

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