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Another trip to the laundry and the tailor. On the platform I waited for a 9 or a 19 bus. Along came a 28, with a driver whom I knew for a long time, who had once actually retrieved my cell phone from his bus’s floor and called the synagogue to tell me when he could return it to me on his next trip. I decided the chance to say hello and show my friendship was well worth the detour. I could pick up the 9, but not the 19, at one of the Eshkol Blvd or Bar Illan stops. On the 28, realized I could use the time between buses to use a bank cash machine and so I did. When I got to the laundry I was glad I had done so. I started out with more than enough money for my shirts, but I had forgotten that there was a jacket repair job waiting for me. Only because I got the additional money from the bank’s machine was I able to avoid asking for credit.


Another Friday afternoon. Along comes a bus, but with the sun shining almost directly into my eyes, I cannot see the route number sign clearly. I ask the driver: “Zeh Taisha? Is this a nine?” “Arbah, Four” he answers. I jump off and, as the bus pulls away, I clearly see the rear sign 4-Aleph, not the regular 4, but the 4-Aleph that also goes to the University. Of course I was annoyed! Why didn’t the driver tell me the whole story? I calmed myself by thinking: “Possibly there is 9 right behind and it takes a shorter and faster route.” And sure enough in one minute a 9 arrived. Seated in it, heading to Hesder Yeshiva Beit Orot which is located near the University and where I now study, was one of my best friends, and we had a happy meeting. And at the stop by the dormitories the 4-Aleph came to a stop right behind us.


Another Friday afternoon. The 4-Aleph comes along and I wave at him to stop. But he doesn’t even stop, just accelerates as he goes by! Again, I wondered, is there a 9 right behind, again? But just then an elderly Arab woman shuffles up to the bus stop heavily burdened with bags of groceries. And then when the 9 does come, this time two minutes later, of course I help the woman with her parcels after placing my own on the bus floor right behind the driver. At a stop in an Arab neighborhood, the driver helps the woman unload. I was not angry that the 4-aleph got to the dormitory bus stop a few minutes before the 9.

Dave Klepper

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Dave Klepper is a student at Hesder Yeshivat Beit Orot and a US Army veteran. you can find his writing in the Pro Audio Encyclopedia and contact him via his email account,

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