Where encounters create beauty

When a chance encounter creates a unique experience…

The musician who chose this spot for her harp, the Ultra Orthodox guy who was moved by her music and joined her with an Yiddish song, the Arab juice-seller who set down his merchandise and applauded them at the end of the song, and everyone who happened to be there in that moment, and chose to listen.

And us, too.

One unique moment of togetherness.

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“When I’m in Jerusalem during Independence Day, I…”

“When I’m in Jerusalem during Independence Day, I…”

Did you ever wonder how other people complete this sentence?

Well, this year we decided to find out, and asked different people to share their favorite Jerusalem-related Yom Haatzmaut activities/experiences/outings in Jerusalem. Some answers might surprise you, some might resonate with your own experiences, and some might give you ideas for next year!

Happy Independence Day!


“When I’m in Jerusalem on Independence Day I am full of gratitude and humility to be living the dream that countless women, men, and children prayed with tears, hope and faith would one day come true.”

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The Feeling of Jerusalem

The Feeling of Jerusalem

The energy of these stones has provided the nourishment for many generations of the Jewish people, for all those who keep Jerusalem in their hearts as the nucleus of their universe.

There is no other sensation in the world like the one when one’s hand is touching those warm, wise stones; the stones which are speaking to you; one to one.

Unique sensation
The first time I visited Jerusalem about thirty ago, in the end of 1980s, on the occasion of the Jerusalem Festival. My husband and I, both working in theatre at the time, were participating in it together with our good friends from a legendary Taganka theatre. It was the first ever visit to Israel for them as well, and we all were trembling of excitement and disbelief at being on Israeli soil.

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Celebrating at the promenade

On a Shabbat afternoon walk on the Tayelet, we encountered a large and lively group of Eritreans picnicking, singing, and dancing. Men and women of all ages, lots of children, such joyous energy! This dance was a Jerusalem Moment we were privileged to see.

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Where Aramaic isn’t dead

This is Mukhtar Sami Barsoum, and he represents the Syrian Christian orthodox community in the Old City.

He is also a tailor.

His name is Aramaic. It means “son of The Fast.”

“Bar — like Bar Mitzvah” he tells me. “Same thing. Son of.”

If you ask him about identity he will tell you this:

“My father was Ottoman Turkish, so I am Turkish. I was born under the British mandate and my birth certificate has Queen Elizabeth’s fathers name on it. In 1948 when I was 13, I became a citizen of Jordan. I still have my passport. In 1967, I became an Israeli resident. They won’t give me citizenship but I am a resident. And I am a Palestinian.”

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Jerusalem Vibes

(Recorded at Jerusalem’s Central bus Station)

Eclectic Jerusalem – an apt description for a city that is the focus of the world’s attention. Before I visited Jerusalem for the first time, I had an image in my mind of camels, turban-wearing men, rocky paths, and ancient walls. Of course, you can find these in Jerusalem but it is so much more. From pedestrian streets and alleyways filled with cafes, restaurants, souvenir shops and the famous shuk to world class museums, beautiful parks, vast religious expression, arts, theatre, dance – Jerusalem has it all.

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A variety of blacks and whites

A variety of blacks and whites

A week before Pesach I stopped in the local dry cleaner to drop off my husband’s white shirts for the holiday, only to find the entire ceiling of the cleaners covered from wall-to-wall with hanging suits, beckeshes (Hasidic robes) with varying prints, ties and other Chag accouterments, fresh and waiting to be picked up.

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Going with the herd

Today “going with the herd” got a new meaning for me…

Only in the Jerusalem Marathon!

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