The Western Wall

Michael Rogatchi (C). The Western Wall. Oil on canvas. 43 x 110 cm. 1999.

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Where we smile

This photo was taken just outside Machane Yehuda market. This Ethiopian girl has a saj on her head- a device for making bread. She smiled sweetly when I asked to take her photo. A Jerusalem moment.

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Where we seek perfection

A man checking an etrog for Sukkot in the Machane Yehuda etrog market.

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Splashing together

Splashing together

Just outside the Old City of Jerusalem is the delightful Teddy Park.

This free attraction comes to life in the summer on a regular schedule that has children of all ages – and some adults too – ready and waiting for it to start each time. What struck me was how it was a total mix of Jews and Arabs, religious and secular, all enjoying the fountains together. No one cared who was who, everyone was just having fun, cooling off on a hot summer night in Israel. A pure, happy Israeli moment. So beautiful!

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