Micki Lavin-Pell

Micki Lavin-Pell is a Marriage Therapist, Relationship Coach, wife, mother of 4 and avid tap dancer. She has a weekly podcast called Real Relationships on www.jewishcoffeehouse.com. She can be found on www.mickilavinpell.co.il.
Where we tell it like it is

Where we tell it like it is

I’ve been living in Jerusalem for nearly 9 years now. Ironically, the very thing that drove me nuts about living here is something I’ve come to value and appreciate.

Living here, I am struck by the realness of the way that we deal with life.

I don’t mean to say that life in other places is somehow superficial. I’ve had some incredibly rich life experiences both in NY and Melbourne, and a very brief stint in the Ukraine many years ago.

It’s just that living in Jerusalem feels somehow more real than anywhere else I’ve been. When I say real, I mean in your face. You-can’t-run-away-from-it kind of real.

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