Rahel Jaskow

Rahel Jaskow lives, works, and writes in Jerusalem. Clips of her award-winning CD of Shabbat songs, Day of Rest, can be heard at http://cdbaby.com/rahel.

Moonset over Jerusalem

The photographer, Rahel Jaskow, was crossing a busy Jerusalem street when this view demanded her immediate attention.

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Impromptu Parakeet Rescue

Impromptu Parakeet Rescue

As I was walking home through a community garden one afternoon, I saw a group of parakeets gathered in a place where I had never seen them before. They had gathered at the top of a bare tree and were pushing at the edge of a hole in the trunk with their beaks. When I stopped to look, I saw that the parakeets were touching one of their number who had gotten stuck in the hole head-first. Its green tail feathers blended into the scenery. I could hear its muffled squawks. There was no one else around.

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