Tzipora Lifchitz

Tzipora Lifchitz is a photographer whose art is dedicated to the inspiring forces in her life: family, feminism, and Judaism. she resides in Jerusalem where she creates, narrates, and advocates all while raising her beautiful brood.
Sunrise after terror

Sunrise after terror

After the tragedy and terror of this past week, I felt heartbroken and down about our golden city.

Congested with shame, rage, anger and shock just the evening before, She now awakened with stillness and a fresh pink glow.

Jerusalem of peace.

Let’s carry her gold in our hearts and start this week afresh.

(Written in 2015, after the Duma arson attack and the murder of Shira Banki during Jerusalem’s Gay Pride Parade)

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Tashlich in Jerusalem

Taken at Jerusalem’s Botanical Garden.

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Jerusalem’s children

Arab and Jewish children in the Old City.

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