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Naava Shafner was born in the USA, but her soul took flight the first time she breathed the Jerusalem air. In 2014 Naava co-founded ImaKadima, an organization that supports career minded mothers and advocates for family friendly workplaces. Naava's hallmark is her passion- for Jerusalem, for career minded moms, for her family, and for making sure Israel lives up to its potential to be an "Or Lagoyim", a light unto the nations. You can usually find Naava searching for a donut, extolling the benefits of being a career minded mother, fighting for women's rights, or keeping up with her three energetic children, Lavi, Shalhevet, and Tikva, together with her partner-in-crime Ari. You can follow Naava's exploits on Facebook.


One of my earliest memories is the first time I cast eyes on the Kotel.

I was 5 years old, and I was already under Her spell. After experiencing the Kotel, though, I was hooked.

I was hooked on the vibrancy of Jewish people of all different kinds coming together to pray.

I was hooked because of the technology protecting us juxtaposed with this ancient wall that reminds us of who we were, who we are, and what we have the potential to become.

That was the moment I knew. I knew that my life would be ruled by Her, dedicated to bettering Her, and that my I would raise my children to feel the same.

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Replacing hate with love

“Arabs go home! We want revenge!”

I was walking to the supermarket this morning when I saw this:

It really bothered me, and so I posted about it in social media. “Nothing like some racism to ruin your gorgeous chol hamoed morning. I guess I know what my family is doing this morning. Anyone know how to get spray paint off walls?”

Within an hour the Iriyah (municipality) came and cleaned it up, the incident was reported in the news, and concerned Jerusalemites spread the word through Facebook and Twitter.

And we? We spent our morning in the park with our friend and neighbor Ilana Nelson, painting new signs to replace the ugly words…

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