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Sally Abrams is a speaker and writer on Israel, Jewish life, and parenting. Her essays are widely read on Times of Israel, Kveller, TCJewfolk, and shared across social media. You can follow her via her personal site.

Where we intersect

In Jerusalem, even event signage is filled with layers of meaning. Here is an example: The YMCA (Christian), hosting an event to benefit Syrian refugees (Muslim), featuring Handel’s Messiah, which of course translates in Hebrew to “Moshiach”. Gives a new (and in my view, much better) definition to the word ‘intersectionality’.

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Two babies at the Kotel

Two babies at the Kotel

When Chaya Zissel Braun awoke on the morning of October 22, she had her whole life ahead of her.

At the age of three months she was surely able to smile, and was probably beginning to know the difference between her parents and everyone else.

On that day, on Oct. 22, with her whole life ahead of her, Chaya’s parents took her for the first time to the Kotel. Can you imagine the gratitude her family felt as they held their baby girl close to the warm, golden stones? Can you imagine their joyful tears? Their prayers of thanksgiving?

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Celebrating at the promenade

On a Shabbat afternoon walk on the Tayelet, we encountered a large and lively group of Eritreans picnicking, singing, and dancing. Men and women of all ages, lots of children, such joyous energy! This dance was a Jerusalem Moment we were privileged to see.

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